Jib Cranes and Intelligent Lifting Devices

Kundel Cranes is a family owned business located in Northeast Ohio, a leading manufacturer of monorails, industrial cranes, lift assists and ergonomic lifting solutions.

Floor and wall mounted jib cranes for light and easy lifting. Ideal for confined spaces with limited floor space allowing maximum reach.

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Kundel’s foundationless jib cranes are changing the industry with their unique pod system. Say goodbye to expensive foundations.

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Kundel intelligent lifting devices move products precisely and easily. Lifting glass, automotive components, pallets, metal & cardboard safely.

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Client Testimonial

When Timken Aerospace specified the Kundel bridge crane for our center-less grinder wheel changing operation the most important considerations were as follows:
  - Ease of use
  - Cost / value
  - Effective and efficient use
  - Simplicity of design
At the time, we compared Kundel, Gorbel, and US Monorail systems. We chose Kundel because in our opinion the design was sturdier and more cost effective because of the simplicity of design. We have been very satisfied with our Kundel system since installation and as expected it worked right the first time.
Thanks and Best regards

Steve Davis | Principal Mechanical Services Analyst, The Timken Co.

Kundel cranes are very easy to set up and use. It takes very little afford to move or stop a 1000 lb. load in any direction. As for installation set the pads and poles attach the runways install the end trucks a bridge and plug it in, its that simple. Gorbel you need to keep everything square (poles, runways and headers) then add your power rails and festoon etc.
Great product !!

Larry Krieg | Process Technician, Crown Equipment

For your needs if you ever need nice photos. Reading Bakery will give us and Kundel a great reference if you need it. This is my 4th Kundel overhead crane system, and it’s SO MUCH nicer than Gorbel, and cost effective.
Notice the flexibility for column centers, and how we “hide” them. They don’t use a cross header, so the columns don’t have to line up with each other. Every one of these columns were on different centers down the line and across from each other. The right side rail even used a raised runway (higher than the left runway) so the runway would not block the window view (important with Reading Bakery).
Slick system guys!!

Kevin B Adam, Lift Inc.